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Virtual Workshop on High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage

A completely decarbonized the energy system with a much higher share of renewable sources (RES) is a fundamental pillar for a net-zero carbon economy by 2050. However, this requires a radical shift from provision of base-load energy generation to fluctuating and intermittent energy generation. Energy storage is therefore expected to be an essential component to enable such transition by balancing the energy supply and demand mismatch.

Among the technological options, thermal energy storage (TES) provides a unique approach for efficient and effective peak-shaving of heat and electricity demand, efficient use of low-grade waste heat and renewable energy, low-cost high efficiency carbon capture, and distributed energy and backup energy systems. Although adva ncements in TES solution for low to medium temperature have been made, significant challenges and opportunities remains for high temperature thermal energy storage.

The aim of this webinar is to bring together the academic communities interested in thermal energy storage, thermo-fluid engineering and process engineering to discuss recent advancements in latent heat and thermochemical TES for high temperature applications, and discuss how to we may work together to address the challenges. The focus will be on state-of-the-art development and thermo-fluid and thermo-chemical performance of TES components (e.g. heat exchangers, heat intensification inserts, enhanced TES materials, reactors, etc) as well as process integration aspects.

This Virtual Workshop will be held on 19th February 2021 and is jointly organized by the UK National Heat Transfer Commitee and the Supergen Energy Storage network+.


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