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UKNHTC Prizes and Awards

Recognizing Excellence in Heat Transfer Research

Student Prizes

The UK National Committee for Heat Transfer recognizes excellence in Heat Transfer Research offering to students and researchers active in UK Universities in the field of heat transfer a series of prizes.


These will cover three categories of project: Undergraduate, MSc and PhD. The prizes will be awarded every two years, presentations being made at the UK Heat Transfer Conference, which occurs biannually. They will be financial in nature, and include free admission for the winner(s) to the UK Heat Transfer Conference.

The Committee has identified two major themes under which the awards should be considered:

  1. Technical/Scientific excellence

  2. Innovation/Commercial impact

The PhD thesis award is named the ‘Geoffrey F. Hewitt Prize for best PhD thesis in Heat Transfer’. As well as being a world leader in heat transfer, Professor Hewitt was a long-standing member and Chairman of the UK Heat Transfer Committee, and this Prize is seen as a way of perpetuating his memory as well as recognizing the importance of heat transfer across many areas of academia.

More details on the Geoffrey Hewitt Prize can be found here.

David Kenning Award

The UKNHTC has established an award in honour of Professor David Kenning to acknowledge a scholar who has made an outstanding contribution to the study of boiling heat transfer.

More details on the David Kenning Award can be found here.

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