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Supergen cross-hub research webinar for Early Career Researchers

Are you an Early Career Researcher? Do you know about Supergen?

The Supergen programme was set up to deliver sustained and coordinated research on Sustainable Power Generation and supply, focusing on several key research areas, such as bioenergy; energy networks; energy storage; fuel cells; hydrogen and other vectors; marine, wave and tidal; solar technology; and wind power. The Supergen Energy Storage Network+ is hosting a cross-hub webinar to allow Early Career Researchers from the Supergen Hubs to connect and share their exciting projects! This will be a great chance to see what research is happening across the whole Supergen network.

Great speakers are lined up to talk about their projects from the Supergen Energy Networks, Offshore Renewables, SuperSolar, Bioenergy, and Energy Storage Hubs. Each will be giving a rapid presentation to get you up to speed on their exciting research area.

Please register here.


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