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Heat Transfer Society webinar on Pressure Equipment in post Brexit UK

The UK has left the EU, and the Pressure Equipment Directive, as implemented by The Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016, is no longer applicable for pressure equipment placed on the market in the UK. New regulations have come into force and these will affect manufacturers, importers and users of pressure equipment. The presentation by Simon Earland, Earland Engineering Ltd, and Miles Gardner, Zurich Engineering Consultancy Services will cover the changes to the regulations in the UK, including the Essential Safety Requirements, materials, documentation and standards. It will also cover conformity assessment, the different types of conformity assessment bodies, and the new markings and when they should be used.

Simon Earland is a pressure vessel and heat exchanger mechanical design engineer. He is the consultant to the BSI committee PVE/1 – Pressure Vessels, which is responsible for PD 5500. He also serves on several CEN working groups for EN 13445.

The presentation is on Thursday 4th March 2021at 12 noon (for one hour).

Free Webinar Registration Link: Here


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