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Report from the 16th International Heat Transfer Conference - Beijing, China

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The International Heat Transfer Conferences (IHTC) are the world’s premier forum, held every four years, for scientists and engineers in the heat transfer research community to exchange the latest information in the heat transfer field.

The 16th Edition of IHTC was held in Beijing, China between 10-15 August, 2018 and attended by more than 1,400 delegates with over 1,000 papers presented. The Conference opened with a Plenary Lecture from Prof. Xing Zhang from the Ministry of Science and Technology China on "Energy Transition in China: Challenges and Opportunities" which was followed by the Fourier Lecture, delivered by Prof. Hideo Yoshida from Kyoto University on "Historical Development in the Thought of Thermal Science - Heat and Entropy". The Nukiyama Award Lecture was delivered the following day by Prof. Ruzhu Wang from Shanghai Jiao Tong University on "Thermodynamic Systems for Highly Efficient Uses of Low Grade Thermal Energy".

The UK had a strong presence with two keynotes presented by the UKNHTC Chair, Professor Karayiannis, and Vice-chair, Professor Sefiane and other 40 papers presented by researchers from UK institutions.

Professor Karayiannis of Brunel University London delivered a keynote lecture on "Flow Boiling in Micro-Passages: Developments in Fundamental Aspects and Applications". In his presentation, Professor Karayiannis remarked the importance of the use of two-phase flow in cooling of electronics and highlighted possible reasons for discrepancies in the results and conclusions often found in the literature.

Professor Khellil Sefiane of the University of Edinburgh delivered a captivating keynote presentation on "Advances and Challenges in Droplets Wetting and Evaporation" which reviewed the latest advances on this subject from an experimental and modelling point of view and covered both fundamentals and applications. Professor Sefiane also moderated a very well attended panel discussion on "Entransy: A New Concept in Heat Transfer" which sparked intense discussion in the scientific community.

Professor Sefiane moderating the panel discussion on "Entransy: A New Concept in Heat Transfer"

Additional contributions from the UKNHTC included the participation of Professor Markides in the panel discussion on energy storage and the presentation of various research posters by Dr. Coletti, UKNHTC Secretary, and Professor Yuying Yan. In total, the UK had the 4th largest presence at the conference following USA, Japan and China, the host country.

Dr. Vallouri presenting his poster on "Evaporation of Binary Mixtures: Pools and Droplets".

The next International Heat Transfer Conference, in its 17th edition, will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, between 8th and 12th August 2022. More information about the Conference can be found here.


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